The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Page answers common questions of your customers. It helps by solving the customers’ queries instantly. The FAQ section works as an always-available assistant or solution provider that resolves customer’s questions and helps them better understand your products, services, processes, and policies. This enhances customer satisfaction and reduces the load on your Customer Support Team.

An FAQ Page can be a great asset in enhancing customer experience, alleviating online purchasing anxiety, and converting your website visitors into customers. However, not all business websites need an FAQ Page. Here are some points that may indicate whether or not you need an FAQ Page:

  • Your Customer Support Team gets many queries about the same topics. FAQ can help you provide ready answers for these recurring queries. This will provide instant solutions to your customers and ease the load on your Customer Support Team.
  • You plan to create content/landing page links in your FAQ to lead the site visitor from question to conversion.
  • Your product, service, or business raises queries and concerns that need quick responses and are best handled in a straightforward manner.

Your customers’ queries and customer support tickets can give you an indication of the common questions that your products or services raise. You can also examine your competitor’s FAQs and customer reviews. Forums such as Quora and Reddit are also great places to find out what people want to know about your niche.

You should also look for opportunities to educate your customers about the benefit of your offerings and policies. When selecting question for your FAQ section, focus on relevancy, utility, and opportunities to convert queries into conversions or further engagement.

The answers you provide to your Frequently Asked Questions should be clear, concise, and honest. You need to be judicious about how much information to provide. While your answer should solve your customer’s query, it should not overwhelm him or her with too much information.

When you answer questions about some potential shortcomings in your product or service, try to put a positive spin on your answer.

The answer you supply should solve the customer’s query and meet your goal. Use images or videos where needed. Use relevant internal links and Call to Action to turn your FAQ into a tool for attracting greater engagement and conversions.

Yes, it can, and it should be. Using various techniques such as dedicated pages for each answer and internal linking, you can improve your FAQ section’s SEO. If you hyperlink each question to a separate answer page, your answers may even surface on Google, attracting more traffic to your website

Put it where you think it would be most relevant. You can create a separate FAQ Page and add its link to your Navigation Menu or Footer. If you use an extensive support center or helpdesk, you can incorporate FAQ in it, making it the first step for your customers to look for answers. You may even want to put a FAQ section on your Product Pages, answering your customers’ queries where they arise.

Fancy FAQ is an easy-to-use app to help Shopify store owners add Frequently Asked Questions page or section on their website. It enables you to create informative and SEO-friendly FAQ lists for your website. It is created by DT Apps.

This app is built for ease of use. You don’t need any coding or programming knowledge to use this app. You can easily create and customize your FAQ lists. The FAQs it creates are easy to browse through, responsive, and search engine optimized. Your customers will love the well-organized FAQs this app will help you create.

You can install the Fancy FAQ App just like any other Shopify app. No coding or programming skills are required. You must have a Shopify Store to use this app.

  1. Create a Shopify Page where you want to place your FAQs.
  2. Install Fancy FAQ App on your website.
  3. Create your FAQ category and FAQ data for each category from the menu called Manage Category and Manage FAQ.
  4. Click the Install menu.
    1. Select the Shopify theme you are using.
    2. Select the Shopify page where you wish to install the FAQs.
    3. Select the FAQ categories you wish to install on this page.
    4. Choose the FAQ template to install.
    5. Save the settings.
  5. Now, you are ready to deploy the selected FAQ into the selected page.
  6. Click the Deploy into Shopify button. The Page and its Sections will be updated.

Absolutely! You can change its templates. You can adjust the colors and fonts. You can also use logos, images, videos, icons, and links to customize your FAQ Page.

We have several templates that you can change and use easily. These include:

  • Fancy Toggle with Accordion (Free/Plus)
  • Fancy Toggle with Tabs (Plus)
  • Fancy Toggle with Sidebar Tabs (Plus)

More templates are coming soon.

Yes, sure. Visit Use the password - Buddha.

Yes, FAQ lists created by this app are compatible with Google FAQ Schema. You can provide FAQ rich results in all countries where Google Search is available.

Yes. Any FAQ list created by Fancy FAQ App will be mobile-friendly and cross-browser compatible.

These features are not yet available. But we will add them soon.

Fancy FAQ App is available with Free and Plus subscription plans. The Plus plan costs $1.99 per month. Check out the plan details.

We accept payments through Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and PayPal.

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You get free Store Design Support. The Plus plan users also get access to Dedicated Support.

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